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Dear sir/madam,

As a parent, I know what a daunting task it is when faced with choosing a college for students. it is one of the strengths if the independent privately managed colleges that all colleges are different and only you will know what suits your child and yourselves as parents. I am very glad to present our college prospectus to the prospective parents and aspiring students and hope that you will agree with us that the range and quality of what we offer is just beyond what any parent seeking admission into a college for their children will dream of this guide may be the first point of contact with our institution and we hope that it will give them the answer to almost all the questions they may have in mind.

Most parents choosing a college are likely to look at these major features.

The care, concern and commitment with which the student is to be accepted… which we have in abundance.
The aesthetic ambience and the right environment for learning… which we provide is beyond one’s expectation.
The qualitative and result effective faculty…which we are sure to possess because of rich experience
Sound co-curricular activities…which is our specialty.
A healthy environment with scope for sports and games.
The quality of supervision, personal attention and the support that they will receive in the campus GMORCOE is known for it
Thank you for considering our college.